Feliks Topolski R.A.

Self portrait

Archive plans for Feliks Topolski

Archive - a definitive archive of Feliks Topolski's work and supporting documentation and correspondence is currently being assembled by the family trustees of the Feliks Topolski estate.
They are keen to trace and list all of Topolski's work for forthcoming retrospective exhibitions and for a full catalogue raisonné to be prepared. This applies to work in private and public ownership.
The trustees would appreciate if anyone holding or knowing of such work in private ownership could send a photograph (or scanned image if appropriate) and full details (subject, painting or drawing, dimensions, medium etc) of the Topolski pictures for the listing.

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TOPOLSKI'S STUDIO, Hungerford Bridge Arch 158 [opposite Artists' Entrance to the Royal Festival Hall] South Bank, London SE1 8XU, United Kingdom


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