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TOPOLSKI, Feliks; Painter; born 14 Aug. 1907; son of Edward Topolski (actor) and Stanislava Drutowska; married 1st, 1944, Marian Everall (marriage dissolved 1975: she died 1985): one son, one daughter; 2nd, 1975. Caryl J. Stanley. Education: Mikolaj Rey School; Academy of Art, Warsaw; Officers' Sch. of Artillery Reserve, Wlodzimierz Wolynski; self-tutoring in Italy, Paris. Settled in England. 1935. Exhibited in London and provincial galleries, in Poland, USA, Canada, Eire, France, India, Australia, Italy, Argentine, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Israel, Germany, Brazil and Portugal; has contributed to numerous publications; to BBC television programmes; and designed theatrical settings and costumes; as War Artist (1940-45) pictured Battle of Britain, sea and air war, Russia, Middle East, India, Burma, China, Africa, Italy, Germany.

British subject since 1947. Painted the Cavalcade of Commonwealth (60' x 20') for Festival of Britain, 1951( later in Victoria Memorial Hall, Singapore, removed on Independence and returned to artist); four murals for Finsbury Borough Council,. 1952 (since erased); Coronation of Elizabeth II (100' x 4') for Buckingham Palace, 1958-60;: murals for Carlton Tower Hotel, London,. 1960: St Regis Hotel. New York, 1965: twenty portraits of English writers for University of Texas, 1961-62. ... mural-environment, Memoir of the Century (600' x 12' to 20'), aided by GLC, 1975...

Films: Topolski's Moscow (for CBS TV), 1969; Topolski(Polish TV), 1976; Paris Lost, 1980; (with Daniel Topolski) South American Sketchbook (BBC TV), 1982.

Works at British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Imperial War Museum, Theatre Museum; Galleries: the Tate, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Nottingham, Brooklyn, Toronto, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Melbourne, Lisbon, Warsaw, Jagiellonian University of Cracow, 1974.

Publications: The London Spectacle, 1935; Illustrator of Bernard Shaw's Geneva, 1939, In Good King Charles's Golden Days, 1939, and Pygmalion, 1941; Penguin Prints, 1941; Britain in Peace and War, 1941; Russia in War, 1942; Three Continents, 1944-45; Portrait of GBS, 1946; Confessions of a Congress Delegate, 1949; 88 pictures, 1951: Coronation, 1953; Sketches of Gandhi, 1954; The blue Convention, 1956; Topolski's Chronicle for Students of World Affairs, 1958; Topolski's Legal London,. 1961; Face to Drama, 1964; Holy China, 1968: (with Conor Cruise O'Brien) The United Nations: Sacred Drama, 1968; Shem, Ham & Japheth Inc., 197; Paris Lost, 1975 (translated as Paris Disparu, 1974); Topolski's Buckingham Palace Panoramas, 1977; Sua Sanctitas Johannes Paulus Papa II, 1979; The London Symphony Orchestra 75th Anniversary Prints, 1979; Topolski's Panorama, 1981; prints for Christie's Contemporary Art, 1974, 1975; (with Daniel Topolski) Travels with my Father: a journey through South America, 1983; Topolski's Chronicle, 1953-79, 1982-

[Feliks Topolski, died London 24 August 1989]

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