Add List Rule

From the List Parameters page, click Rules in the left navigation bar. The established rules for that list appear. Follow the link to add a rule.

You can use processing rules to direct incoming mail to particular mailboxes based on the contents of To, From, Sender, Subject, the entire message Header, or the Body of the message.

Adding a New List Rule

  1. From the Field box, select the field that you want the rule to search. You can select from (Subject, To, From, Sender, Header and Body).

  2. Select contains to have the processing rule look for messages that contain the search text. Select does not contain to look for messages that do not contain the search text.

  3. To enter search text, you can either enter it into the PHRASE text box as described below, or specify an external file that contains the search text you want to use.

Enter the search text by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Select Search string from file if you have placed the search text in an external text file. The list box contains all of the existing rule files, if any exist.

  2. Turn on Case Sensitive Match to search for text that matches the case of the search text. To ignore case, clear Case Sensitive Match.

  3. Click Add Condition. The condition that you just created is added to the rule and is displayed in the Rule text box.

  4. Specify what will be done with messages meeting the rule criteria by choosing one of the following options:

Note: The above three options cannot be combined, you must choose only one.

  1. If this is the only condition you want the rule to have, click Finish and the rule will be activated. If you want to add more conditions, read the next section.

Adding Multiple Conditions

To add more than one condition to a rule, create the first condition by following steps 1 through 6 above and then click either the "Insert AND" or the "Insert OR" button. Create the second condition as you did the first, then proceed with steps 7 and 8.

Changing the Processing Order of Conditions

Conditions are processed in the order that they appear from top to bottom, as boolean expressions. To change the processing order of a condition, select the condition in the Rule text box and click either Move Up or Move Down.

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