Kill List File

The kill file lets you specify a mail address or a particular mail host that you do not want to accept mail from. In this case, it will prevent the host or addresses from posting to the selected list. The KILL.LST file is located at IMail\Lists\(Listname) and applies to the primary host and all virtual hosts.

The KILL.LST file is used by

Adding an address to the Kill File

Enter the address in the text box and click Add.

You can enter addresses in either of the following formats:

[email protected]


For example, to deny access from a user mail account, you could enter: [email protected] To deny access to all users from the mail host, you can enter:

IMail Server checks the incoming message's From line. When it receives mail from an address listed in the kill file, IMail Server returns the message: "501 unacceptable mail address"

Modifying an address in the Kill file

  1. To modify, select the address in the list box.

  2. Make any desired changes to the address and click Modify.

To delete an address from the Kill file

  1. Select the address from the list box.

  2. Click Delete.

To search for an address in the Kill file

The search feature is useful for administrators who have large kill files. The search feature enables the you to enter an address and go directly to it in the kill list instead of scrolling through the list manually. It is also useful to use search when you can only remember a partial address.

  1. Enter the address in the right text box.

  2. Click Search.