Feliks Topolski Memoir of the Century: Education - Outreach

London schools partnerships project

Three London schools are involved in a pilot project in creative response to Feliks Topolski’s artistic work. The partners are Westminster School, Kelmscott School, Waltham Forest Education Business Partnership, and ABL Cultural Consulting. The key participants are seven students from Westminster School, in their final year, studying A-level History of Art; five students from Kelmscott School in Waltham Forest, in their final year of GCSEs, studying Art; and two students from Notre Dame RC Secondary School in Southwark, also in their final year of GCSEs, studying Art.

The students were introduced to the historically and artistically significant work of Feliks Topolski in a tour of the 'Memoir of the Century', conducted by the artist’s daughter Teresa Topolski. She provided first hand stories about her late father’s work, and the students have come up with their creative ideas.

Right: Teresa and Victoria; far right: Alex and Arshad
Teresa and Victoria Alex and Arshad

Each student is paired with a student from a partner school, and each pair of students together is producing a creative response to Topolski’s work, in the media of their choice. Kelmscott School hosts art workshops on three Saturday afternoons during the Autumn term.

Right: Shabina and Holly; far right: Daniel and Waqas
Shabina and Holly Daniel and Waqas

Each participating student has met - and works closely with - someone of similar age but different experience. Participants meet at the different schools during the project.The work the students produce will be showcased in digital form and is featured in part on this web site. Students will also keep a digital record of their progress.

Right: Izzy drawing; far right: Orlando drawing
Izzy Orlando

The project partners believe the pilot may help establish a long-term relationship between the participating schools, with collaborative projects in each year – as a form of cultural “twinning”. The following images show how Kelmscott School art students and Westminster School art history students have developed themes based on Topolski's work - Click for enlargement and projects.

kelm1t kelm2t kelm3t kelm4t kelm6t orlandot danielt

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