Feliks Topolski R.A. - A 'virtual' Memoir

Let Feliks Topolski's own notes guide you on a virtual tour through the six hundred feet long 'Memoir of the Century', with just a hint of the epic images on show.


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1 Childhood; 2 Pre-war; 3 England; 4 Cafe Royal; 5 War; 6 Arctic; 7 Mediterranean; 8 Burma; 9 China; 10 India; 11 Italy; 12 DPs; 13 Nuremberg; 14 Commonwealth; 15 Japan; 16 Festival; 17 Post-war; 18 United Nations; 19 Vietnam; 20 Chicago '68; 21 Soviet Union; 22 United States; 23 Berlin; 24 Hippy alternative; 25 Cuba; 26 Buckingham Palace; 27 West Indies; 28 Africa, Arabia; 29 Pope Paul; 30 Present; 31 Diary; 32 South America; 33 Window scroll

The 'Memoir' is not a potted history, but, being a painter's vision, it meanders between images and abstraction over past and present experiences; thus the chronological captions on the plan serve only as clues, with compositional sequences containing, through associative impulses, the juxtaposition of faces young and old of the same person, happenings separated in time and place. (Feliks Topolski)

child prewar england cafe war arctic med burma china india italy dps nuremb common japan fest postwar un vietnam chicago soviet usa berlin hippy cuba buck windies africa pope present diary samerica canvas

Some of the Memoir images are shown by kind permission of photographer Richard Horton, © 2003

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