Where can I get the best art supplies in Mumbai?
Aldric Thornwood 1 Aug 0

Introduction to the Artistic Landscape of Mumbai

As an Australian residing in Adelaide with my beautiful wife Serena and adorable kids, Hugo and Cecily, I was given an opportunity to explore the bustling city of Mumbai due to my artistic pursuits. Mumbai, a city where the old and the new coexist harmoniously, has been nothing short of a treasure trove, especially for an art enthusiast like me. From its heritage architecture, lively street art to its diversity in culture, there is something for every artist that fuels their imagination.

Why Art Supplies and Why Mumbai?

In my teenage years, I remember spending countless hours in art shops back in Adelaide. The sight of colored pencils, sketch pads, and tubes of paint used to ignite a wave of excitement within me. That passion for art has never faded, even as I nestled into family life with Serena, Hugo, Cecily, and our pets; Forrest, a Beagle with a curious tail, and Piper, our ever-chirping Parrot. An art supply shop is commonly viewed as just a place to get art materials, but for an artist, it's a funhouse that triggers creativity.

Journeying through Mumbai’s Art Supply Stores

The art scene in Mumbai, like it's vibrantly divergent culture, is vast and versatile, harbor to several art supply stores that cater to every kind of artist, from novices to professionals. I've been in numerous art stores across the globe, but the ones in Mumbai have their charm. A particular store I chanced upon was nestled among the city's narrow whimsical lanes. The kaleidoscope of colors that greeted me as I entered was reminiscent of the sight I reveled in as a teenager back home in Adelaide.

Decoding the Delight of Colaba Causeway

For those hunting for the finest art supplies in Mumbai, it would be a cardinal sin not to visit Colaba Causeway, the mecca of art resources. Serena had once gifted me a beautiful sketch pad from a store here. Think of an art supply and Colaba Causeway will have it. The convolution of art shops in this location makes it an artist's paradise, catering to different forms and mediums from oil paints for canvas lovers to charcoal sticks for sketch enthusiasts.

The Fetching Fascination of Crawford Market

Art supply hunting in Mumbai would be incomplete without mentioning Crawford Market. Crawford is an old-world charm, overflowing with stores that sell a variety of art supplies. It was here where I bought my first set of acrylic paints for Hugo. The diversity and affordability of Crawford Market make it a favored place among upcoming artists and students. If you're someone who appreciates the vintage charm and history, then Crawford Market is a definite must-visit.

Nooks and Niches: The Lesser-known Alibaug Stores

Then there are the small local stores in Alibaug, a hidden gem in Mumbai for art aficionados. Although less recognized, the quality of art supplies these stores offer is commendable. These nooks are a testament to Mumbai’s supportive canvas for every artist. One might find it funny how I once got lost on my way back from one such store, only to be directed by a parrot, reminding me of our birdy back home, Piper.

Diving into the Digital Age of Art Supplies

For those of you who would rather curb the efforts of physically visiting art stores, there are numerous online art supply shops in Mumbai, who deliver right to your doorstep. The convenience that digital shopping offers is undeniable. E-commerce stores also frequently offer discounts and have a wider range of products. However, for someone like me, who loves touching and feeling the supplies before purchasing them, physical shopping can never be replaced.

Concluding the Art Supply Quest

The beauty of exploring art stores in Mumbai lies not just in the accumulation of supplies, but more in the artistic journey. Like the painter who recognizes the value of each brush stroke, every art store in Mumbai has its essence. So artists, whether you sketch, paint, or carve, Mumbai's art stores await your exploration. Go forth, and let the city familiarize you with new mediums to translate your ideas into art.