Feliks Topolski R.A. (1907-1989) - Artist and Chronicler

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2014: The new incarnation of Feliks Topolski's Memoir of the Century has opened as BAR TOPOLSKI at the traditional arches under Hungerford Bridge, and is already a highly popular venue www.bartopolski.co.uk telephone 020 7620 0627

The chronological narrative of the 600-foot original, as conceived by Feliks, has become episodic to make space for the bar and cafe operations. Familiar paintings from the Memoir and past issues of the Chronicles adorn the ceilings and walls of the three arches - including India at the end of the Raj, 100 Hippies, Palestine, 1930s Europe, the 1951 Cavalcade of the Commonwealth, the 1960s United States. This is a dynamic evolving display: well worth repeated visits in a convivial ambiance. The education programme run by Andrea Marie is in full swing at the STUDIO arch nearby: See www.topolskicentury.org.uk for details.


Topolski Bar
150-152 Hungerford Bridge
Concert Hall Approach

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Images show George Bernard Shaw (left) and Feliks Topolski at work (right)

The original form of The Memoir can still be seen on this website 24/7 A 'virtual' Memoir
You can also see a clip from a documentary film on The Memoir (Executive Producer Dorothy Hintze) Docfilm

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ONE THOUSAND PORTRAITS - Feliks Topolski made face to face portraits of the leading personalities of the 20th century from Gandhi to Shaw, from Churchill to Martin Luther King (and stage and screen giants such as Edith Evans, Alec Guiness and Laurence Olivier). Reproduction rights available:

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